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Heat insulation aluminumn on glue point


Heat insulation aluminum principle:
the original bridge of thermal conductivity of aluminium alloy profile disconnect, middle to low thermal conductivity of insulation materials, effectively reduce the heat conduction and radiation. Determines the quality of casting insulation glue production environment, the environment temperature is too low, and profile after curing strength increases embrittlement sex; Environment temperature is too high, and the profile gel time influence the adhesion, easy to cause profile deformation increases embrittlement. Production and material temperature at 25 ℃, the best relative humidity rh 65 or less. Winter production environment and the temperature profiles shall be > 18 ℃. Summer < production environment temperature 35 ℃. < 85% moisture environment should also try to avoid dust. Note glue if a bubble, please check the following several aspects: 1 line seal are in good condition The solvent is leaking Whether 3 system into the water and be affected with damp be affected with damp 4 if mixing head clean 5 heating temperature is always within the range 6 material is in the period of validity 7 profile is flat Material surface appeared the following problem.

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