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Kinds of Sealing Solutions


Kinds of Sealing Solutions

Compact Gaskets (FIPG: Formed-In-Place-Gaskets)
Unfoamed gaskets are produced from polymerization without change of volume. They can be adjusted to be anything from liquid to pasty, and can be processed both using 2-component low-pressure mixing system and also high-pressure systems. They are made from polyurethane oder silicones.

Special benefits
§                     Wide hardness range
§                     Extremely high mechanical strength (up to 6,000 kPa)
§                     High degree of elasticity (up to 500%)
§                     Extremely good vibration damping and sound insulation
Sealing applications e.g. in the automotive sector, appliances, electronics, leisure or building materials industry.

Liquid Foam Gaskets (FIPFG: Formed-In-Place-Foam-Gaskets)
Liquid foam gaskets require a distinctive groove and a plain surface. These are applied directly onto the cpomonent using a 2-component low-pressure mixing and dispensing system, and formed in place (FIPFG = Formed in Place Foam Gasket). 

Special benefits
§                     Self-levelling
§                     Tolerances <3 mmpossible
§                     Gaskets with cross section of <1 mmpossible
Sealing applications, e.g. ventilation grilles, electronic boxes, brake lights

Thixotropic Foam Gaskets (FIPFG: Formed-In-Place-Gaskets)
High-thixotropic gasket systems, which can be applied with or without groove. FIPFG gaskets are processed using 2-component low-pressure mixing and dispensing systems.
Special benefits
§                     Reliable sealing, particularly suited for three-dimensional complex sealing contours
§                     Over head application: no running / dripping
§                     Height to width ratio: 1:1 possible
§                     No excessive penetration in open-pored materials (textiles)
Sealing applications e.g. switch cabinets, ventilation grilles, fabric protectors, coating of rolls / cylinders, lights, door modules, electronic boxes, 3rd brake light

RAKU-SKIN comprises a soft PU core and a high-performance PU elastomer skin. Processing using 3 - 4-component low-pressure mixing and dispensing systems.
Special benefits
§                     Extreme tear strength
§                     Very good chemical resistancce
§                     UV resistance
§                     Extremely low water absorption < 3%
§                     Improved gas tightness
§                     Antistatic adjustment possible
Sealing applications e.g. in outdoor areas, such as gaskets for switch cabinets, solar modules

Molded foams
Molded foams are construction materials offering the ideal combination of alight, soft core and a compact outer skin. Molded soft foams are special materials permitting extreme compression which have an excellent compression set. The fullfill outstanding sealing functions in wide-ranging different sectors of industry.
Special benefits
§                     Short reaction and demolding times
§                     Highly hydrophibic
§                     High mechanical strength
Sealing applications include selaing elements in oil or air filters, design of cable grommets

Rigid foams
Rigid foams is the term given to construction materials with a low density and closed-cell structure. Processed using high or low pressure with suitable molds. Particularly suited for lightweight moldings which have to comply with certain static requirements.
Special benefits
§                     Short reaction and demolding teimes
§                     High mechanical strength
§                     Excellent vibration damping, noise and thermal insulation
Sealing applications: appliance and machine parts, as well as components for vehicles, sports equipment.

High-pressure foams
Sealing foams with high-pressure capability form RAMPF are ideally adjusted for processing using high-pressure systems (such as RimStar Nano from Krauss Maffei)
Special benefits
§                     Fast curing
§                     Excellent mechanical strength
§                     High tear strength (> 100%)
§                     Low water absorption
§                     Outstanding appearance
§                     Minimal density
Sealing applications e.g. door modules, switch cabinets, lights, packaging, filters.

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