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Jinjie FIPFG machine main parts

JINJIE FIPFG Machine details:

  • Advantages                  
1.       Mixing Head: German technology, easy to maintain and clean, Patents.
2.       Quality & Price: top level quality with competitive price
3.       Clean: Water. 
4.       Control system: CNC system, Windows. 8-axis, 3D, very easy to learn and operate.
5.       Gasket width: 5-30mm for standard type, 2-8mm for micro type;
6.       Work Stroke: 3D, X*Y*Z=2400*1200*250mm or specified.
  • Main parts Details
1.       Mixing Head
Modular design with technology origins from Germany, be made of aviation aluminum, comes with automatic valves, no mechanical valves outside.
Nozzle locking system “Stop-Drop DVS-3” is controlled by using axial movable drive shaft, it is anti dripping, maintenance-free, etc.
2.       Cleaning System
By water; patented high pressure water rinsing system, environment-friendly; with special anti-sticking coating treatment inside the mixing head, good for continuous working, especially for automatic production lines.
3.       Operation system
Taiwan Syntec CNC operation system, Windows system, 3D working mode. Automatic control, response quick and steady, strong anti-inference capability, very low failure rate. Colorful LED screen matches with key pad and hand controller, very easy to operate. Convenient program input modes: internal storage for common graphs, CAD drawings input through storage card, G-code, or manual test. The programs and processing data can be stored. Different language is optional.
4.       Dosing System
German Barmag metering pumps, Panasonic Servo Motor, etc. High quality pressure transmitter and pressure show tables to guarantee the gasket uniformity. 
The Raw Material Barrels are Double-deck stainless steel tanks, 40L, with sensitive liquid level alarm. Automatic mixing and air entraining function for A tank. (guarantee the foam gasket quality).
Teflon material pipes, etc.

  • After Service

    Dalian Jinjie could be a quality partner for your success. Honesty is our company basic, you can trust us always. Innovation is for assist you to achieve efficiently producing desired. Safety & Environment-friendly equipment manufactured is our responsibility. Customers’ satisfaction and success is our serving goal, we are always work together with you.
  • Contact information

    Address:Room 301, Jinjie Building, Tanglinangou Industry Park, Ganjingzi District, Dalian, China






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